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    McGlaughlin’s Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    McGlaughlin’s Bakery

    Established in 1962 & passed through three generations, McGlaughlin’s Bakery continues to service the community with the best home made breads, speciality ca…

    32.80 miles / BT80 8AE

    Fruit & Veg

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    Camphill Holywood Organic Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    Camphill Holywood Organic Bakery

    In the bakery we pride ourselves in making the finest breads from completely organic ingredients; most of our bread is Soil Association certified. We try to cater to thos…

    4.66 miles / BT18 9HX

    Fruit & Veg Community Gardens & Allotments

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    Donnelly's Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    Donnelly's Bakery

    Established in 1979, Donnelly's Bakery produces traditional home-made bakery products which are all made on-site. A range of breads, health breads, confectionery & sa…

    4.66 miles / BT18 9HX

    Fruit & Veg

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    Piece of Cake Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    Piece of Cake Bakery

    Fresh continental breads and pastries, made using the finest ingredients. No additives or preservatives, organic flours, only fresh fruit and vegetables used. Visit us…

    12.93 miles / BT41 1PG

    Fruit & Veg

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    Pure Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    Pure Bakery

    Pure bakery makes delicious additive-free real bread and cakes using organic flour. In addition to being real bread, Pure bread:
    • Fruit & Veg
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    Skinner's Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    Skinner's Bakery

    Skinner's have earned credentials as quality bakers with over four generations of bakers in the family. We skillfully combine age old traditional baking methods with new …

    4.62 miles / BT18 9AE

    Fruit & Veg

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    Linda’s Bakery Profile Picture / Logo

    Linda’s Bakery

    Linda’s Bakery makes quality homebaked cakes using only free range eggs, including traditional boiled cakes and apple fruit cakes,chocolate cakes, coffee cakes a…

    31.97 miles / BT71 6QR

    Fruit & Veg

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    Baked in Belfast Profile Picture / Logo

    Baked in Belfast

    Baked in Belfast produce a quirky, original, and mouthwatering selection of unusual Marmalade, Chutney and Jam.¬†Working a converted outbuilding in our countryside home w…

    70.66 miles / BT74

    Fruit & Veg Dairy Producers

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    Authentic Baking Company Profile Picture / Logo

    Authentic Baking Company

    The Authentic Baking Company bakes for the local community using high quality ingredients – organic and locally produced where possible. The focus is on pro…

    22.24 miles / BT32

    Dairy Producers Fruit & Veg

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    Barley Cove Bread Profile Picture / Logo

    Barley Cove Bread

    Barley Cove bread make handmade artisan breads and cakes. The breads are on sale at St George’s Market, Belfast, on Saturdays & Sundays; and Victoria Square,…

    1.37 miles / BT5 4GX

    Fruit & Veg

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