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Culmore Organic Farm

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At Culmore Farm, all of our animals are raised on lush natural clover and grass swards. Nothing is added or taken away. We use no aphicides, fungicides, pesticides or herbicides. Our beef cattle are reared naturally and slowly. The health and welfare of our animals are given the highest priority. We ensure our husbandry exceeds the highest standards anywhere because our animals’ comfort is important is important to us.We always return more than we take. At Culmore Organic Farm our philosophy and approach to food production have always been to improve the land naturally. No artificial fertiliser or chemicals are used and our animals are reared slowly on nutrient rich grasses, high in trace elements, which enhances health and welfare. We are fully certified by the Soil Association and are 100% organic. We have a rich bio–diverse habitat supporting large bee and plant populations. 

Sustainable Food

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Culmore Organic Farm
County Londonderry

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