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Kenny and Jennifer Gracey are continuing the Gracey tradition of farming at Forthill in Tandragee, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland. Producing the best quality free range pork and free range beef from traditional breeds.We provide enjoyable food with real taste, through a total focus on product quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. We believe “food from the farm” to be the new way to reclaim traditional standards. Our free range pigs and cows are produced naturally, reared without the use of antibiotics, hormones or growth promoters. With freedom to roam in open spaces outside our animals can obtain minerals from the soil ensuring the highest quality free range pork and free range beef is produced. At Forthill we have returned to the traditional breeds of both cattle and pigs, namely Belted Galloway and Longhorn Cattle, Gloucestershire Old Spots and British Saddleback pigs. It is our belief that the older traditional breeds produce meat of superior quality.Our aim is to educate our customers on the healtheir natural way to produce free range pork and free range beef and also provide them with an affordable way to feed their family with real meat, as nature intended.

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80 Ballymore Road
County Armagh

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