About Belfast Food Network

What is the Belfast food Network, and what do we do? It’s not a simple answer but, then again, it’s not a simple problem. The Belfast Food Network aims to promote our thriving food economy, built on healthy, fresh, local and seasonal produce – organic whenever possible – to make Belfast a Sustainable Food City.

Belfast Food Network is a non–profit organisation working with a wide range of stakeholders from farm to fork, and everything in–between. Since 2014, we have established a cross–sector partnership of public sector organisations, NGOs and businesses working together to foster the development of Belfast as a Sustainable Food City. We aim to promote sustainable food as a means of enabling positive social, economic and environmental benefits for Belfast and beyond.

We are part of the ever growing Sustainable Food Places network, an alliance of cities and towns that aim to advance the cause of food sustainability nationwide. Belfast was one of the founder cities of a group that now encompasses nearly 60 organisations across six working groups throughout the UK and Ireland.

We believe that food is more than just fuel, it brings people together and changes lives. We aim to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of the city, using it to address some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental problems including dietary health, food poverty and climate change.

“Good food is a right, not a privilege. Join our network to make Belfast a Sustainable Food City”