An Introduction to Food Pledges

Good food can transform people’s lives. It’s not just about the health benefits of a good diet. It’s about supporting and enhancing our economic development, protecting the natural resources from which, ultimately, all of our food is derived, helping to tackle social inequalities and life chances.

We believe that good food is a right, not a privilege. We’re trying to find ways to make sure that everyone can have access to food that is healthy for them – and for the planet. That might be achieved by encouraging a shift away from highly processed food, by fostering the acquisition of cooking skills or by building new relationships between consumers and food producers.

The Belfast Food Network Charter captures our ambitions in ten principles. It provides a means by which individuals, organisations, businesses and institutions can foster the creation of a social movement around food by expressing their support for the idea of Belfast becoming recognised as a Sustainable Food City.

Belfast is building a reputation as a great food destination; we want to enhance that image, to celebrate the pleasure and importance of good food, to help to create a vibrant and diverse food culture.

The simplest way to demonstrate your support of this project and the Belfast Food Network is by endorsing the Charter and making a pledge to take one new action in the next year, something relevant to your own activity that is sympathetic to at least one of the ten principles in the Charter.

The Pledge Centre

Take action


To demonstrate your support for the Belfast Food Network, please take the following steps:

  1. Download, print and display the Belfast Food Network Charter.
  2. Make a commitment to take one new action in 2013 in support of the Charter. There are some examples below.
  3. Tell us about your action by completing the pledge form below.

Here are some examples of pledges

  • The Suburbs Restaurant: We will source more local produce and support local suppliers of raw ingredients
  • Imaginary College: We will aim to achieve the Food for Life Silver award by using fresh, local and seasonal food in all our canteens.
  • Dig for Belfast Allotments: We will encourage local residents to grow their own food and create ten new organic plots.
  • The Local Health Agency: We will support the government’s campaign to tackle obesity by offering ‘cooking from scratch’ classes throughout the city.

If you would like to support the Belfast Food Network Charter just follow these three easy steps.

1 Download, print off, sign and display our Charter in your organisation. 

2 Make a commitment to do one new thing this year which will support the ten aims. 

3 Post a reply below to register your commitment. 

For more information or to sign up to the charter contact us or post your commitment message below.

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